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Join me - Julie Phillips - and our Nature Based Teaching Team as we guide you through a series of Short Courses / Video Tutorials and Downloadable PDFs that help you teach Nature Science to your students with Lesson Plans, Guides, Drawings, Diagrams, Illustrations and Workbooks!

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Connect your students to Nature and the Earth’s Systems!

Nature Based Teaching and Learning Lesson Plans, Drawings, Illustrations, Workbooks, Study Guides, Student Activities, Short Courses/Video Tutorials, Blogs, Podcasts & Curriculum for you, your students and your classroom.

Our teaching and educational materials are designed to assist you, as the lead facilitator, and your students on a journey to help create a more sustainable society through the leadership of Education!

We believe teachers, students and citizens will be essential in leading our schools, communities, states and nations in a new direction – towards a more sustainable present and future!

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FREE DOWNLOAD of our SAFE PASSAGE for COYOTE VALLEY - A Wildlife Linkage for the Highway 101 Corridor - A User's guide to Developing Protective Highway Crossings for Wildlife While Connecting California's Students with Science and Nature.

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