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Our teaching and educational materials are designed to assist you, as the lead facilitator, and your students on a journey to help create a more sustainable society through the leadership of Education!  Facilitating is an important part of teaching!  Redirect the classroom energy from the teacher to the student learner and the student energy from the individual to teams!  Building the confidence of all students through students teams helps each student emerge as a leader as they practice the vocabulary and concepts in a safe classroom environment!  Through our lesson plans, students learn the model of workplace teams and teamwork!

We believe teachers and students will be essential in leading our schools, communities, states and nation in a new direction – toward a more sustainable present and future!

Your students will develop Planning skills, Research skills, Team-work skills, Team-Building skills, Leadership skills, Project-based planning skills, Local Ecology and Natural History skills, Reading, Writing, Political Action, Historical Research and Civic Engagement skills. Our Lesson Plans help develop opportunities for student reflection and self-evaluation including each student’s contribution to the team effort; leadership skills learned and team-building skills learned.

These lesson plans and materials were developed after decades of applied learning and teaching in public education with a focus on nature-based teaching and learning, stewardship, leadership and team-building for students! These skills are taught and practiced through study guides, lesson plans, class activities, team activities, team assessments and team presentations. Also guides for place-based learning activities on campus, your community and region that actively engage students and build leadership and stewardship skills!

The Nature Team’s Guidelines for each Earth’s Lesson Plan includes:

  • Inclusion of all students in all activities
  • All lessons learned and practiced in teams
  • Teams are taught skill building principles
  • All exams, quizzes and activities are in teams
  • Cooperation is modeled and practiced
  • As important as each topic is the students’ skill-building activities in teamwork, leadership and stewardship
  • Stewardship of the Earth’s Natural Resources (nature’s systems) (example: Water Cycle, Earth’s Troposphere, Ecosystems (like the Earth’s Ocean or Tropical Forests)
  • Leadership of natural resources (nature’s systems)
  • Integrate subjects across the curriculum into each Lesson from Nature “Sustainability Across the Curriculum”
  • It will take an incredible amount of stewardship, leadership, teamwork, cooperation and inclusion to address the challenges that our students, communities and society face in the 21st Century

Let the Lessons begin today!

Join us as we explore the natural world and those natural systems and services that drive all life on Earth! Join us as we explore our Human Systems and work in a team setting to lessen our impact on Nature’s Systems. Further your teaching and leadership skills on how to incorporate “nature-based teaching and learning” into the classroom every day. This is a good opportunity to enhance student learning and attention by studying Nature’s Science and simply going outside or bringing Nature inside each day.


Do you want to make a bigger difference through your teaching? Do you want your students to continue to make a difference for years to come?


Do we want students that are proficient in stewardship of the Earth and Nature’s Systems?


Do we want students that are leaders and understand leadership skills?


Then these are the lesson plans, curriculum, study guides, training videos and activities for you, your students and your classroom!

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Via Facetime, Skype, phone calls, emails – one on one.  I can assist you in Lesson Plan preparation, Illustration and Drawings overview, Workbook strategies, Field Trip activities, development and opportunities, Team work and student engagement, Civic engagement projects and Curriculum guidance and development.


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