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Stuart Phillips Nature Based Teaching

General Contractor, Green Building and Passive Solar Design Expert:

Stu Phillips has been a General Contractor and Green Building Scientist for over 37 years!  Stu took the field of construction and the building trades and began going down a pathway to redefine building and the building science!  Stu incorporated green building strategies including passive solar design (when possible) and other green building techniques and strategies into his construction projects.  Stu has built 10 homes that implemented these passive solar design, energy efficiency and green building strategies.  Stu has published A Teacher’s Guide to Green Building Guide and Lesson Plan and A Teacher’s Guide to Passive Solar Design Guide and Lesson Plan which are both available at our website.  These Guides and Lesson Plans give an excellent overview of sustainable building practice criteria, green building principles, energy use criteria, the 10 Steps to Green Building, the building envelope, types of passive solar design and more!

Green Building and Passive Solar Design Instructor:  Stu taught Green Building Technology, Passive Solar Design and Construction Strategies and Solar Thermal Technology in the Community College System. Stu led tours for the public and for students of the passive solar home that he and sons Cody and Ryan built in Felton that was a model for energy efficiency including solar electric and solar thermal systems.

Field Researcher and Nature Based Teacher:  Stu has also been in the field with Julie studying the Tule Elk and the native landscape for over 35 years!  Stu and Julie took Community College students to the Rainforests of Central America to study the Ecology, Preservation and Protection of these critical tropical forests over a 10 year period. Stu taught students about the importance of energy efficiency, resource conservation and sustainability in the human “built” environment.  Stu’s approach to teaching and learning helps students make the connection between the human environment and the natural environment and the importance of energy efficiency and sustainability in the building trades.