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Are YOU a teacher that wants to impact students’ lives and make a difference in terms of protecting our environment?

I wanted to make a difference in the lives of students and believe a connection to nature and nature’s teachings truly changes their lives!

While I taught for over 27 years at a Community College, I wrote and developed over 30 courses in Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Nature Based Learning, Stewardship, Leadership, Team Building and Sustainability including lesson plans, guides and teaching strategies that truly impact student learning in the classroom!

What I observed and learned while teaching Nature Based topics every day even surprised me!  The impact of these courses and topics on students’ lives was amazing!  The most common statement by students was “why didn’t I learn this sooner”!

“The impact of these courses and topics on students’ lives was amazing!  The most common statement by students was “why didn’t I learn this sooner”!

Connecting students to nature and the Earth Systems is life changing, motivates and engages students and helps them look beyond themselves. I am convinced that these Earth Lessons and topics should be taught every day in every school and college in every community, state and nation!  I want to make these Nature Based Teaching lessons more accessible to teachers and help educators learn from my experiences.

These Lesson Plans, Illustrations, Guides, Workbooks and more help you teach Nature Based Teaching topics to your students!   We show you “how” through video tutorials and downloadable pdfs including structured lesson plans, illustrations, drawings and more that  you can easily follow! From short courses to a full year’s plan you can teach successfully about the environment and how nature works. These lesson plans can be used for any age group, for teachers in a classroom as well as parents who home school.

Teaching about the importance of our environment and Nature’s Systems is something that is very close to my heart and I am excited to share and demonstrate my teaching approach with every Nature Based Teaching and Learning product!  Nature Based Teaching helps students develop skills to protect the Earth and Human Systems as well as continue to expand their stewardship, leadership and team building skills.

Students learn about nature through “active engagement” and a “project-based learning” approach to every lesson!

With each lesson, your students will be drawing, describing, explaining, researching, debating and assessing the topic!  The classroom becomes this active learning center which includes civic engagement activities, developing podcasts and videos, presentations, field trips, local community projects and other outreach efforts.

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Julie Phillips,
Nature Based Teaching

Julie Phillips Nature Based Teaching
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Our Nature Based
Teaching Team

Julie Phillips

College Instructor, Field Biologist & Nature Based Teacher for over 27 years

Stuart Phillips

Green Building & Passive Solar Design Expert and General Contractor for over 30 years

Samara Phillips Kramer

Nature Biologist, Social Media and Nature Based Teacher

Josh Kramer

Nature Biologist, Social Media and Nature Based Teacher

Sabine Heusler-Schick

Media, Graphic Design, Website and Nature Based Teacher

Focusing on Nature Based Teaching and Learning with "Nature as our Guide"!

“Teachers should be role models for students, the public, our community and the world with sustainability and protecting Nature’s Systems as our mission!”

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