Podcast No.2 – Introduction to Nature, Nature Based Teaching and more…

What is Nature? What is Nature Based Teaching? What are the Natural Sciences? What is Environmental Science? Topics:  An overview of the key elements of Nature, Nature Based Teaching, the Natural Sciences and Environmental Science.  Environmental Science is a “Problem-solving Discipline” applied to environmental challenges at the local, regional, national and international (global) levels. This […]

Nature Based Teaching with Julie Phillips

Nature Based Teaching includes the Natural Sciences, the Environmental Sciences with a focus and passion for Nature! Nature Based Teaching and the Natural Sciences are an essential discipline and lesson plan for all students in K-12 as well as colleges and universities!  Welcome to Nature Based Teaching and the Natural Sciences – An Essential Daily […]

What is your daily classroom “compass” or Lesson Plan?

What guides you, your students and your classroom activities? Do you want to make a bigger difference through your teaching in the lives of students? Do you want your students to continue to make a difference for years to come? Do we want students that are proficient in stewardship of the Earth and Nature’s Systems? […]